Eastop Customer Relationship Management System (ECRM)

Eastop Customer Relationship Management System, fully integrated with Eastop ERP System, provides a comprehensive solution to all-rounded sale activities. Eastop CRM integrates membership system with POS, e-shop, Mobile POS Apps and backend ERP system, reduces redundancy, and improves the consistency and accuracy of the member information.

Highlighted Features: Membership/Bonus Point/Promotion Rules/Customer Visit/Customer Support

1) Bonus points will be entitled no matter where the order is placed (POS, e-shop or Mobile POS Apps), ensuring members’ loyalty.
2) Based on the interests of customers/members to send the most suitable promotion messages to the target customers/members.
3) Eastop CRM supports unlimited member/VIP levels setting, which assists the marketing team to create more attractive promotion plans.
4) Members’ bonus points can be used as CASH DOLLAR or to redeem gifts.
5) Effective date of membership and bonus points’ valid/effective period can be calculated based on the enrollment date.
6) Eastop Event Alert CRM can notify members for the validity of bonus points and memberships automatically when the effective period will expire soon.

Customer MEGA PET, Health Smart, Dr Power/Dr Battery/Dr Bulbs/Dr Ebike etc. More Customers ...

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