Eastop Project/Service Solution (eProJ)

Eastop ERP - Project/Service Solution (eProJ) satisfies unique needs across types of the service industry, including construction, engineering, mechanical and electrical maintenance, etc. Better project planning and management fully powered by Eastop ERP system. With Eastop ERP Mobile Apps, sales and engineers can check and record real-time project information anytime anywhere.

Solution: Project Management

1.Quotation/Contract Management: Customized quotations/contracts can be made on demand of clients through in-build flexible form, instant check of past quotation and sales history;
2.Cost Management: Project cost estimation, material requirement and tracking, and other expenses are recorded by project-based, it helps in project management and cost control;
3.Deposit Management: Support multiple deposit for one contract;
4.Integrated Project Management: Record every details of the business: unlimited purchases, delivery, installation, workdone apply, variance order, certified workdone, invoices, settlement status, etc.;
5.Data Management: Users can check the summary and details of the project easily, all data is concise and accurate;
6.Report Analysis: The system integrates business data from different departments, calculates the profit and loss statement and other analysis reports.

Solution: Installation / Repair and Maintenance / Parts Management

1.Tailor-made components: Tailor-made service order form satisfies the specific needs of each company across industries;
2.Repair Order: In-build all kinds of failure reasons, convenient for data input and tracking;
3.Maintenance Order: Record the maintenance contract in details, auto-generate new maintenance contract with product serial number for tracking;
4.Parts Management: Quick access to price and storage record of spare parts;
5.Mobile Operation: With Eastop ERP Mobile solution (sold separately), service engineers receive real-time job information, report working progress, upload project photos and customer signatures, etc.

GrandTech International Engineering, established in 2017 at Hong Kong, uses Eastop ERP since 2018. Successful story

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