Eastop Manufacturing Automation Software (EMA ERP)

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System (EMA) is a set of automatic production management system designed for various types of factories. It is able to fulfill the concrete requirements issued by the factory. Different modes of production no matter the small batch process or the mass production are applicable.

EASTOP MRP achieves remarkable success at the aspects of curtailing planning time, reducing stock costs, raising productivity and cutting down overtime requirement.

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System(EMA) system is composed of 5 production centres

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System(EMA) - Material Requirement Planning Center (MRP Center)

Material Requirement Planning (MRP):

Based on customers' orders and critical material to calculate the material requirement. Provide a base to determine the date for provision of goods and whether to accept an order or not.

Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II):

Based on the Production plan to calculate manufacturing resource requirement. At the same time, it provides basic purchase data for the purchase department.

Schedule MRP:

Based on the Production Plan to calculate material requirement to support material movement and fulfillment information for production department.

Simulate MRP:

To compensate the deficiencies of above methods, self-defined criteria are allowed for calculation.

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System(EMA) - Capacity Resource Planning Center (CRP Center)

Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP):

Extract critical routing information as the base for calculation. Provide a base to determine the date for provision of goods and whether to accept an order or not.

Unlimited CRP:

Calculate the capacity of each work-center, thus facilitate the adjustment for those experiencing over-capacity.

Limit CRP:

Calculation is based on the priority of the order, production plan and production schedule can be obtained.

Simulate CRP:

To compensate the deficiency of above methods, self-defined criteria is allowed for calculation.

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System(EMA) - Work Center/ Shop Floor

Machine/ Production line:

Pre-define machine and production line parameters, and their production calendar

Routing Table:

Predefine production routing table of each product and standard production time

Order Schedule:

manually fine-tune the production order

Production Schedule:

Manually fine-tune the production line's schedule

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System(EMA) - QC Center

IQC Inspection Rule:

Build up basic parameters, figures and standards for quality control requirement

Component evaluation:

Fill in details of evaluation and approved status for each material. It is important for purchase/ engineering/ sampling department to make material usage decision

Material In/ Production Process/ Product In/ Outgoing Product Quality Control:

Quality control at each production routing, semi-product, finished goods to well control the quality of the finished product and deduct the loss of defective product

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System(EMA) - Cost Center

Cost management integrates and allocates the finance, production, inventory, sales and purchase costs to each finished product. It can centralize and allocate the cost more accurately and quickly, including machines, management personnel, electrical expense, etc., thus enhance the timeliness and accuracy of the cost calculation. At the same time, it improves cost management of the enterprise by means of Fixed Cost Management, Cost Simulation, Cost Allocation Schedule, Cost Estimation Allocation/ Analysis/ Verification.

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