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Eastop Computer Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and took the lead in launching the Windows version of Eastop Enterprise Resource Planning Management System (Eastop ERP) in 1995.

Based on the concept of continuous improvement, we are going to increase and improve system functions continuously, in order to do better, coupled with the professional, innovative and efficient implementation support services and new information technology, we are committed to improving the work efficiency of customers’ business processes, reducing errors and monetary losses.  Such that customer  can control funds, cash flow more accurately and also reduce inventory costs to increase the productivity. 

As a Hong Kong software developer, our advantage is to provide a full range of technical support from system design, business process research/improvement to related consulting services for Hong Kong business characteristics. Our service tenet is “to treat customers as partners, to provide customers with professional consulting services and opinions, reliable solutions and support services”.

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Eastop ERP system serves companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including trading, manufacturing, wholesale and retail of electronic components, electronic products, electrical appliances, chemicals, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, toys, watches, jewelry, equipment, plastics, lighting, textiles, metal ware, apparel, and construction etc., accommodates the unique requirements of each industry without sacrificing ease-of-use.

Service Area

  • Customer Consulting   

ServiceExperts have an in-depth understanding of customer needs and provide consulting services for various industries

  • Business process reengineering

Take Total Quality Management (TQM), International Standards Organization (ISO) and cooperate with IT information technology as a process research and improvement method to automate management to reduce errors, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits

  • Implementation plan

Provide effective implementation solutions according to customer needs

  • Technical support

Professional customer service and technical support team to provide customers with the best solutions

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