Eastop Jewelry ERP System

Eastop iPOS runs on iOS platform, including iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices.

1.EASTOP iPOS supports online real-time and offline local mode, providing uninterrupted iPOS operation. When connected, it stores the transaction records in server database; once connection is broken, it saves transaction records to local database. When the connection is resumed, those records will be uploaded to the server automatically. Highly efficient and uninterrupted EASTOP iPOS not only reduces the management costs, but also improves the corporate and brand images.
2.Eastop iPOS is a one-stop sales management system: manage products, members/customers, quotations, contracts, invoices, etc. Products and membership/customer information are automatically updated and stored on iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices, local quotations/contracts/invoices are automatically uploaded to server’s Eastop ERP System; realizing an effective and unified retail ERP system.
3.Backed up by Eastop ERP System, Eastop iPOS reflects real time data to backend: marketing, purchasing, inventory, logistic and accounting departments, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.
4.Simple installation: Local database will be created automatically based on server structure within a few minutes. Upon modification of the server side structure, local database can be synchronized through a single click.

For more POS functions, please refer to EASTOP POS.

Other Products

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