Technology Highlight

Interactive Interface Design

  1. 300+plug and play features combinations to form a tailor-made effect
  2. All visible components positions and properties can be modified
  3. Support max. 5 languages per user (Chinese Unicode, English and 2 user-define languages)
  4. All reports provide range selections, report modification is available for advance users

Ultra THIN Client Technology

  1. Client side only display changes of object, speed is 5-10 times over the existing technology
  2. Bandwidth consumption is the least, about 8K only, which is 1/4 of the existing technology
  3. Easy installation, high security which deploys the SSL 128 bit encryption

All Direction Field Level Security

  1. Detail functional authority , browser group authority, interface authority and report authority
  2. All properties of the visual components like positions, read only, compulsory ... can be set to each user group
  3. Auto-backup contract, invoice, PO, GRN ... before edit and delete
  4. All activities with EASTOP can be traced and print out as reference

Exceptional Information Management

  1. Auto-report job progress to manager and send internal message within EASTOP
  2. Extract and display all pending records for manger to view and approve (Auto approve is supported)
  3. Pre-define event alert that when specified situation happens, related persons will be alerted
  4. Schedule and execute robotic task such as printing report and sending catalogue to clients

Related Information Anytime

  1. All related data can be retrieved in every module through user-definable browsers
  2. Static info (product detail), dynamic info (stock movement) and historical info can all be retrieved
  3. Maintain and process external data of clients such as email through folder management function

Guaranteed Minimum Input

  1. Once data is input, it can be retrieved by any module within the system
  2. Save the time wasted in repeat inputting data and update the outstanding status of related modules
  3. Avoid data inconsistency

Import & Export Manager

  1. Import basic data(product, customers ..) from clients into EASTOP for quick start
  2. Support auto and manual import/update by pre-defined formats
  3. Support exportation from browser to Access, Excel , CSV... formats
  4. Support exportation from report to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML.... formats

Eastop X EDI Data Exchange

  1. Export to various file format in accordance to different EDI standard: Rosettanet, DTTN ...etc
  2. Scheduled and manual importation or exportation according to preset standard
  3. Support multi transfer protocol such as HTTP, FTP, EMAIL...
  4. Flexible design for easy modification and update

Function-On-Demand Tools

  1. No need to modify execute file (.exe) or refer to external executable file (.exe, .dll ...)
  2. New functions or modifications can be made on demand of clients
  3. Modifications are stored in database of clients
  4. Notwithstanding any customization, the clients are still eligible for standard upgrades

Dual Report Engine

  1. Support two report engine : Crystal Report and Fast Report
  2. User can choose suitable report engine according to report requirements for best performance
  3. User can choose suitable report engine according to the techniques and knowledge of writer