Eastop Warehouse Management System (eWMS)

Eastop Warehouse Management System (eWMS), fully integrated with Eastop ERP System, design for trading, wholesale, retail, storage, and logistics companies. The system also supports Eastop Mobile ERP System, a native app, which runs on Android Handheld build 1D/2D Barcode Reader.

1.Eastop WMS supports 30,000+ warehouses, unlimited bin number, expiry date, lot number, serial number and date code to fulfill varies requirement of different industry.
2. Eastop WMS can be operated on wireless handheld terminals, such as Android Mobile Devices.
3.15 inventory adjustment modes: In, Out, Bad Stock Register, Bad Stock Recover, Bad Stock Write-off, Write-off, Reuse, Lost, Temporary Use, Temporary Use Return, Internal Transfer, Maintenance(Repair In/out, Repair In Return/Repair Out Return)etc.
4.Stock replenishment
5.Consignment In/Consignment Out
6.Generation and Print 2D Barcode.
7.Support bar-code reader.
8.Received Goods based on Purchased Order.
9.Auto generate Lot Number/Serial Number.
10.Eastop WMS support stock history by Batch / Lot Number / Serial Number.
11.Arrange the delivery note by loading sales order or invoice, pick list also support.
12.According to the assigned lot no. or serial no. in the contract or invoice to deliver goods.
13.Three levels of stock tracking report:
(1) Current Inventory Quantity and Cost List,
(2) Monthly Inventory Cost Report,
(3) Stock movement report (as at date).
14.Stock Summary Report/ Stock Ledger.

Trial version of Eastop Mobile ERP System Apps is now available on Apple App Store = >
Trial version of Eastop Mobile ERP System Apps is now available on Google Play = >

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