Eastop Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Eastop ERP System is a famous ERP system around the world and highly recommended by our customers since 1993. Eastop ERP System is innovative, mature, stable and flexible, creating tailored results for many industries worldwide.

Eastop ERP System serves companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including trading, manufacturing, wholesale and retail of electronic components, electronic products, electrical appliances, chemicals, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, toys, watches, jewelry, equipment, plastics, printing, lighting, textiles, metalware, apparel, and construction etc., accommodates the unique requirements of each industry without sacrificing ease-of-use.

Build-in Function-On-Demand Tool is one of the most important keys why our customers can use Eastop ERP software for more than 2 decades. The customizations are compiled and stored in clients’ database and seamlessly integrated with our standard ERP software, EASTOP.EXE, and thus all the clients from more than 20 industries are eligible for standard upgrades of the ERP software.

Keep searching an ERP System to fulfill your growing business? Then, Eastop ERP System will be the final solution for you.

Eastop ERP System includes
Eastop Office Automation System (EOA)
Eastop Manufacturing Automation System (EMA)
Eastop Human Resource System (EHR)
Eastop POS System (ePOS)
Eastop e-Commerce System (online shop/e-Shop/B2B/B2C)
Eastop Mobile Apps.
All systems share same database and provide centralized management which greatly simplify our clients’ daily operations.

The latest released Eastop Mobile ERP System demo version for iPHONE and iPAD is now available on Apple App Store = >
The latest released Eastop Mobile ERP System demo version for Android is now available on Google Play = >

Eastop Office Automation System (EOA)

Eastop Office Automation System (EOA) is a fully integrated Trading, Inventory and Accounting System, and also the main components of Eastop ERP System.

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Eastop Manufacturing Automation (EMA)

EASTOP Manufacturing Automation System is a production managememnt system designed for various types of factories. It is able to fulfill the concrete requirements issued by the factory. Different modes of production no matter the small batch process or the mass production are applicable.

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Eastop Human Resources System (EHR)

Eastop Human Resources System (EHR) is a client-server structured system, which is suitable for office and industry

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Eastop POS system

Eastop POS is an all-rounded retail system for various type of industry. Eastop POS integrates all front-end, back-end, inventory and accounting modules with centralized control at Eastop ERP System. Eastop POS also shows all information real time.

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Eastop Web (e-Shop/B2B/B2C)

Eastop e-Commerce System manages all homepage, products, pricing, members, e-Coupon, news and promotion in Eastop ERP system to increase efficiency and consistency. Online, in-store and mobile orders are integrated in Eastop ERP system, unifying the data as well as increasing ROI.

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Eastop Mobile Apps

Eastop Mobile Apps Store is a moving shop created to satisfy the demands of “always-on” consumers. One stop management for all Trading, Wholesale, Shops, Web Shop and Mobile Store. Products, Members, e-Coupon, News, Promotion are all managed in Eastop ERP System efficiently and consistently.

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Warehouse Management (WMS)

Eastop Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed for trading, wholesale, retail, storage and logistic company, optimized for operation on the Android platform.

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Customer Relationship (CRM)

Eastop Customer Relationship Management System provides a comprehensive solution to handle daily jobs of salesmen from pre-sale to after sale to integrate with Eastop ERP System

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Eastop iPOS System

Eastop iPOS is POS system which runs on iOS platform, including iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices.

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